Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recording Rally Car Sound Effects by Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas sent a crew to the Tall Pines and recorded the sound effects of a high speed rally car race. The rally involved 50 heavily modified 300 horsepower turbo-charged cars from all over North America - giving us unique rally car sound effects to record. We set up our mics trackside in the middle of the forest to get the best possible car passby sounds - away from the cheering crowds of the starting line.

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  1. Great sound ideas! I'll try if I can get the same results with my new Nissan car from Bayridge.

    Thomas Woodall

  2. Those kind of car does pack a punch. To get that kind of sound, it must have a strong engine. You will have that distinction that its engine is roaring. If I could find auto lenders that has flexible payments then I would get a 300- horse powered car.

    Ryan Donovan III

  3. Thank you for a idea! I think that my pre owned Nissan Teana can perform a sound effect like a rally car. I will try this and post a video once its available.

    Sophie Tyler Neil

  4. Sometimes car owners are using sound effects just to make their wheels looks more angsty. Though in a race track, its sounds signifies the horse power the car uses in riveting to the tracks.

    Riley A.