Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Record Sound Effects by Dave Lukezic of Sound Ideas


Dave Lukezic, Sound Ideas Chief Sound Engineer, shares his knowledge of how to record sound effects and the process involved in creating a good sound effects library. Dave determines whether a sound will be recorded on location or in the recording studio and then utilizes a high quality stereo mic along with a high definition sound recorder to get the job done.

Next, Dave records every possible sound, from every possible angle and then brings the sound effects back to the studio to catalog all the takes. A determination is then made as to whether further processing techniques are required to eliminate background noise or wind through equilization.

Dave also discusses the challenge of finding the quiet locations required to accurately record sound effects outdoors - background traffic, and air traffic in particular, tends to be problematic.

Dave also explains high definition and discusses the benefits of working with high definition sounds in a production.

To view our Sound Effects Libraries, visit http://www.sound-ideas.com


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