Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Sound Design by Dave Lukezic of Sound Ideas


What is Sound Design? Dave Lukezic, Chief Sound Engineer at Sound Ideas, discusses the elements of good sound design and explains how to produce full layered sound effects for motion picture films, game development and animations. Dave cites the example of how in reality when a machine gun rips through glass, the glass shatter is completely overpowered by the noise of the gun. In the studio, the sound effects are brought in separately and mixed together with the levels adjusted to produce a combined desired sound effect.

The "larger than life" sound is achieved by relying heavily on layering - combining various effects together. To create a good car crash, various crashes are added together and other elements such as hits, debris and glass shatters are combined in the studio. And a heavy bass is added through the sub whoofer so the audience can "feel" the effect.

Dave feels the most unique challenge for a sound designer is to create a sound that doesn't actually exist in reality - like sci fi space ship passbys etc.

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