Monday, December 2, 2013

Sound Ideas Records the Demolition of a House

Sound Ideas was invited by the producers of Daily Planet from the Discovery Channel to demonstrate the process involved in audio recording demolition and destruction sound effects. We are live and on the scene with teams from both the Discovery Channel and Sound Ideas at an demolition of an abandoned house in a remote section of Northern Ontario. Armed with a sense of humour, we carved a swath of destruction - our Sound Engineers had a lot of fun that day and considered it a great opportunity to relieve some stress. Every sound was used in the destruction of the house - using a variety of props including metal, wood, plastic and plaster we created both small and large sounds of destruction.

On this video, we demonstrate how an original sound can be pitch shifted to produce an entirely different and enhanced designed sound. When all is said and done, we expect to have over 1,750 sound effects to add to our upcoming Destructibles Demolition Sound Effects library.

This video was originally aired on October 17th on the Discovery Channel.


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