Monday, December 12, 2011

Metadata Management Software for Macs - MetaDigger

Meta Digger is an easy to use free metadata management software program designed to help you display, search and export metadata details from broadcast wav and mp3 sound effects audio files and works with the Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) operating system and higher.

Here's just a sample of how you can use MetaDigger for information retrieval metadata searches and more:
• Open & display metadata embedded in any set of digital broadcast wav or mp3 files, including the Sound Ideas Ultimate SFX Collection
• Search embedded metadata in broadcast wav or mp3 files to find the audio files required for a production
• Listen to any wav or mp3 file by using the audition feature
• Create custom work folders or projects from search results to work with permanent subsets of a digital audio collection
• Export and import metadata information from your databases
• Edit database records to save additional search keywords, notes and ratings for digital audio files

All of these features (and a few more!) are part of MetaDigger database software. It's easy to install and use .... and best of all .... it's available as a FREE metadata management software download right at the Sound Ideas Web site. Visit Sound Ideas to download your free metadata management tool!

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